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5 Magento 2 SEO Tips You Need To Learn Now

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Magento is the largest e-commerce platform in the world, which is being used by more than 30% of the virtual stores. The world’s leading platform includes all the features of the major players and still stands out for SEO, as it was developed based on the best search engine optimization practices. Therefore, Magento is known as "the e-commerce that appears in the searches".

It is more than proven that nowadays that creating your e-commerce store using the Magento platform is one of the best ways to enhance your growth with SEO (market optimization for search engines). In this article, we will cover 5 tips for you can use as soon as you start optimizing your website on your own for SEO.

Create Product Descriptions with original content

Usually product resellers or retailers have the habit of receiving the reseller's product description by simply doing the "copy and paste" procedure for SEO, and this method is not recommended, since Google disregards duplicate content, giving relevance only to the first site that posts this content (which is 90% of cases is the own manufacturer or distributor). Consider whenever you are signing up a new product on the site, create a small content of at least 1150 words to differentiate your product description from the other competitors.

Start a blog, post every week

Magento has plugins that can be installed to enable a blog post within the site, so consider creating a blog and posting content once a week on subjects close to your business segment (eg if you work with wedding dresses, consider make a post talking about "10 wedding tips you'll love", and obviously list some of your products in the content.

For a post to have quality and reasonable content, consider best practices below:

  • Content with 400 or more words
  • If possible, illustrate your post with images/videos / Slides/playlists from Spotify to make reading more enjoyable.
  • Create a post's series for its users are recurrent (example: every Thursday we'll do a post on how to lose weight in six months, passing stage by stage), not forgetting to link them to other product page links within the store.

Increase the social signals of your e-commerce

Like, share, tweet, g+, pin's, and etc buttons make your e-commerce more sociable, and social cues are important in Google's eyes according to the main factors of search metrics.

Social cues are not only important to Google, but also to the user, who by sharing their content can influence their friends and/or fans to consume the product or service at no cost, causing their viral marketing to improve each time (as long as your service is good quality, otherwise the effect will have a negative influence on your brand, so stay tuned to the complaint sites!).

Build references on other sites (link building)

In the real world, “building references" would be how many people tell you about good service or something that few people can offer on the market. For example, if I ask you "What brand of soda do you recommend?" the answer is likely to be one of the major brands of soft drinks in the world. This is a reference. On the Internet, referral building is done through links from one website to another and is popularly called "Link Building" in the world of search engine optimization. Link building is one of the pillars of any SEO strategy, so consider immediately starting partnerships with blogs and other sites so that they link to your site (and vice versa). Avoid exchanging and buying links because Google has algorithms to block this type of action. Note: we actually recommend a performance based SEO company to do the link building for you so you can just focus on optimizing your website, and focus on the business aspects for your website.

Focus on site loading speed

The loading speed of the website is a determining factor to know. A page load of more than nine seconds per page already has great possibilities of causing a withdrawal by the user. There are free tools that can help your webmaster identify and fix slow problems (often caused by banners and heavy product images) such as Pingdom and Google Pagespeed test.

In Conclusion

SEO is a laborious process that begins to bring results initially between 6 months to 1 year, so understand that these tips are an ongoing process that must be done throughout the e-commerce lifecycle. If you understand that, you will not have time to manage your SEO, consider hiring an SEO company. When you're ready to power-up your eCommerce store, consider our upgrade and migration services for your Magento store.

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