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Virtual products In Magento 2

Updated 3 months and 6 days ago

  • Product/Service that does not needs to be shipped on website
  • Typically for a software license, memberships, warranties and subscriptions.
  • No files to be downloaded (No set of files).
  • No Shipping.
  • Very similar to adding a simple product.
  • No Shipping details needs to be entered at checkout.

  Steps on how to create a virtual product 

  • Choose Product Type
    Navigation :- Catalog->Products->Choose Product Type as Virtual Product

New Virtual Product Creation Page

  • Choose Attribute Set from the dropdown.

  • Enter all the Mandatory details Product Name, SKU, Price and Click on save, Virtual Product Will be created successfully.

  • At the top left corner Store View appears.

  • Choose the store view where the product need to be available.

Basic Settings

  • Set Tax Class to None /Taxable Goods
  • Stock Status to In Stock/Out Of Stock
  • Quantity Enter the product quantity
  • Visibility:- Select Visibility - Not Visible Individually (Product will not be visible in frontend), Catalog(Product appears only  in Catalog Page), Search (Product appears only in Search Page), Catalog/Search (Product appears in both the Catalog,Search Page)
  • Category :-
  1. Existing Category - Choose the category from dropdown
  2. For New Category - Click on New Category Button Then Category Creation Form appear.

Content Tab:- Enter the Description and Short Description of the Product
Configuration Tab:- Configurable products allow customers to choose options (Ex: shirt color). You need to create a simple product for each configuration (Ex: a product for each color).
Product Reviews:- List of all the customer created reviews will appear in the grid.

  • There is a drag and drop option / upload Image.
  • Once the Image is uploaded need to select Image Role (Base, Small, Thumbnail, Swatch).
  • Based on the selected Role Image appear in frontend for that particular product.


  • Click on Add Video Button then form appears
  • Give the URL,Video Title,Role and click on save
  • Video is uploaded successfully

Search Engine Optimization
URL Key :-
URL Key is auto generated based on product title or else we can change it if needed.
Meta Title:-  The Title that appears at the Top of the Window .By default meta title is updated based on product title or else we can change it if needed.
Meta Keyword:- Appears  based on product title or else we can change it if needed.
Meta Description:- Appears based on product title or else we can change it if needed.It is used for better search results.

Related Products :-
Related products are shown to customers in addition to the item the customer is looking at.
Cross Sells :- These "impulse-buy" products appear next to the shopping cart as cross-sells to the items already in the shopping cart.
Up Sells :- High Quality Alternative Product to the Current Product.
Customizable Options:- Customizable options to a product is an easy way to offer customers a selection of options with a variety of text, selection, and date input types. 
Product in  Website:- Select the Website where product should be Available.
Ability to apply different Themes.

Schedule Design Update:- Ability to make temporary changes to the appearance of the Product page.

Gift Options:-

  • Gift Options can be set at the product level to allow a gift message to be included during checkout.
  • By default Allow Gift Message is set to No.to override default configuration Unselect Use Config Settings.

Publish Product

  • Set the Product status to Enable
  • And give the Product quantity
  • Click on Save product will be saved and be in same product page
  • On click Save & New ->Product will be saved and New Product Form will be opened
  • On click Save & Duplicate->Product will be saved and that same product will be duplicated
  • On click Save & Close ->Product will be saved and it will be redirecting to Product Grid

Frontend:- As we selected visibility as Catalog,Search -Product appears in both category and search page.

Product Detail Page

 Downloadable products In Magento

  • Product that can be downloaded.
  • The products that can be sold are  software, Music, Themes, Movies, e-Books
  • Also you can offer customer a preview of what they are downloading so that they can make a decision to buy.
  • Steps on how to create a downloadable product.

Choose Product Type
Navigation :-
Catalog->Products->Choose Product Type as downloadable Product.

New Downloadable Product Creation Page:-

  • Choose Attribute Set as Downloadable from the dropdown,You can also Choose Existing Attribute Set or else create New Attribute Set.
  • Enter all the Mandatory details Product Name,SKU,Price and click on save  Downloadable Product Will be created successfully.